What is parental control app, and Why do you need it?

With the rise of electronic devices, smartphone parental control app is a great step toward making your kid’s Internet life safer. Moreover, it is an excellent tool providing some reassurance that children use their cell phones, tablets, and laptops responsibly rather than communicate with strangers without their parents’ knowledge.

For today, there are many types of quality parental monitoring app for any need and budget. Some of them are narrowly focused and, therefore, have a limited set of features while others can provide a full range of all possible tracking tools for the better protection, from monitoring your kid’s Internet activity to blocking inappropriate or useless applications. In this way, before to choose one, you should clearly understand why you need it and what result you expect to get.

#1 mSpy

mspy logo While being reasonably priced, mSpy offers a full range of monitoring solutions intended to protect children online. It’s compatible with all popular devices, including iOS versions without jailbreak.

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#2 Qustodio

qustodio logoQustodio is a well-designed app to manage multiple users. Being a little bit limited in feature set, it still provides excellent app-management functions and detailed call logs.

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#3 Net Nanny

netnanny logo Equipped with sophisticated content filtering capabilities, Net Nanny is a good choice for preteen protection. However, it doesn’t offer location tracking and geo-fencing features.

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# 4 Salfeld

Salfeld logo Salfeld is fast, easy to install, and affordable parental control software. However, it is rather limited in functions and doesn’t provide its users with remote access.

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Top 5 reasons to use parental monitoring software

Although many modern devices are already designed to protect children online, to install an additional tracking app is always a wise solution. Here are just a few good reasons for that:

  • Smartphone parental control software can block access to websites with harmful content
    The Internet is full of harmful content, from pornography and violence to racism and hateful messages. However, a smart tracker app can filter all that information and block inappropriate websites. Moreover, the most powerful smartphone parental control software can also establish specific times when access to particular sites is allowed or, on the contrary, restricted.
  • Parental monitoring software can control apps and programs
    With the help of a high-quality tracker, you will be aware of all apps recently installed on the target device, including social networking and games. While some of them are not intended for underage children, parental monitoring software gives an opportunity to block any app or program.
  • A powerful tracking app provides access to instant messengers
    The increasing problem of sexting makes smartphone parental control software crucial. After all, no one parent wants their child to be involved in sharing sexually suggestive pictures and texts. Once you have access to your kid’s online messages, you can control their content to avoid the worst-case scenario.
  • Smart trackers allow to monitor and manage calls
    The Internet is not the only problem for parents of teens and tweens. Telephone bullies can bring a lot of trouble for any family. However, if you have access to your kid’s calls and text messages, you can block unwanted contacts and, thereby, protect your child from feeling hurt, sad, or embarrassed.
  • A monitoring app can provide the kid’s current location
    To know the child’s location at all times is now possible with mobile tracking apps. Furthermore, with their help, parents can even set allowed and forbidden zones so that each time their kid exits or enters any of them, they receive a notification.

How to choose among a variety of parental control apps?

A great number of parental monitoring software solutions can make it challenging enough to find the best one for your family. To help you make the right choice, we have prepared expert reviews for the most popular tracking apps available on the Internet. For today, the number one position is occupied by the mSpy app due to its best fit in terms of functionality, service, price, and reliability. However, you should consider all of them in order to choose the best one yourself!


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