Block adult content – Stay confident in your child’s safety!

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What is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to blocking adult content? If you are a parent, the answer is obvious – your child’s protection! The fact is that since kids are getting smarter every day, parents need to double their efforts in protecting them, especially when it comes to online dangers. Thus, to block adult content on their phone or tablet is the first and the most important step to take. After all, children use their mobile devices not only for calling or sending messages but also for surfing the web. Unfortunately, the content they find is not always useful. Quite often they discover pornographic images and other age-inappropriate materials you don’t want them to see. That is why every parent needs an adult content blocker! However, they need not just a somewhat content blocker, but reliable software able to block adult sites on any popular Android or iOS device!

Adult content blocker that can exceed all your expectations!

censoredIf you really want to block certain materials to protect your kid, you need mSpy – the best adult content blocker on the market! First of all, this app is able to block adult content on both, Android and iOS devices, which makes it an all-in-one solution for caring parents. Second, this content blocker is available at a very reasonable price suitable for any family budget. Finally, it offers a whole range of useful features required for the child’s protection. Obviously, the most important among them are related to blocking adult content and include:

  • dangerous online materials blocker;
  • age-inappropriate website blocker;
  • time limits for certain websites;
  • alerts on the specified phrases and keywords (e.g. porn, sex, pregnant, etc.);
  • harmful apps blocker.

However, along with the opportunity to block adult sites and applications related to pornography, violence, gambling, drugs, alcohol, and other dangerous for kids information, mSpy also provides its users with the ability to:

  • track current GPS location;
  • set allowed and forbidden zones to know when they are visited;
  • read text messages;
  • view multimedia files stored on the device;
  • monitor calls and contacts;
  • block unwanted incoming calls;
  • view instant messages, including those sent via Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, and Skype.

As you can see, the ability to block adult sites is only one of many monitoring features offered by mSpy. This blocking adult content app is actually much more useful!

How to block adult sites for low price?

Like any other professionally designed software, mSpy provides its users with the unique opportunity to try it just for $1. This simply means that you can block adult sites on your kid’s device for exclusive low price! Although this option is available for only 7 days, this time is enough to understand that it is the best blocking adult content app existing today! So why spend your money and effort on useless applications when you can install the most reliable content blocker for $1? Don’t waste a minute – download mSpy and block all those harmful websites and apps now!

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One Response to “Block adult content – Stay confident in your child’s safety!”

  1. Rachael Jens says:

    This app is so simplified that mothers of any tech knowledge level could effectively make use of it. I had to get it for my kids because I can no longer trust them with many of the Internet contents that does nothing to kids but to expose them unnecessarily and gradually bring down their moral values and self-respect. I’m sure I don’t want that for my kids.

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