How to Block Websites on Android Phones?

block websites

Why may you need to block websites on Android phones? The answer is rather simple, especially if you are a parent. The fact is that nowadays’ kids are always one step ahead of their parents when it comes to computers, phones, and tablets. They spend much time on the Internet communicating with friends, playing online games, and searching the web. The last one, however, can be rather dangerous, as children may come across age-inappropriate content intended only for adults. That is exactly why the decision to block bad websites on Android devices is a smart one. The good news is that we have a perfect solution for you, as the smart tracker can do it with ease! So if you a caring parent who wants to protect the child from all possible online dangers, don’t waste a minute – install this reliable software and block websites on Android devices anytime you need it!

How to block websites on Android phone?

No one parent wants their kid to be exposed to pornography, violence, racism, and so on. Unfortunately, the Internet is now full of harmful content so that your desire to block bad websites on Android device is not surprising. After all, children spend much more time on their cell phones than on the family PC. So once you realize this problem, the question is how to block websites on Android? It is actually much easier than you might think. All you should do is:

  • download and install monitoring app on the target device (this process takes just a few minutes);
  • login to your control panel and set up the software according to your particular needs;
  • start getting information collected from the target phone or tablet.

After everything is done, you can look through your kid’s browsing history and bookmarks, and if you find something dangerous, time-wasting, or age-inappropriate – feel free to block websites on Android phones and tablets used by your child.

Is to block bad websites on Android phones enough for kids’ protection?

block websites on AndroidThe truth is that to block websites on Android phones is not always enough to protect your child from online dangers. Sometimes you need much more tools. Luckily, smart tracker can offer a full set of monitoring features that may come in handy. For example, in addition to the ability to filter content and block websites on Android devices, it also provides you access to:

  • call logs and contact list;
  • SMS and MMS;
  • instant messengers, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat;
  • emails;
  • installed applications;
  • photos and videos;
  • currents GPS location;
  • notes, tasks, and many other information.

In this way, our tracking application is not only suitable for parents but also for employers striving to protect their business. After all, if you know how to block websites on Android, read other people’s emails and messages, view call logs, etc. – you have much more chances to prevent corporate data leakage. So if you want to provide a safer home or office environment, start doing it now!


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