Child Monitoring – The Imperative of New Times

child web security

Summer is already here, and your child’s free time from school is likely to have started. What dangers and extra concerns does the summer vacation have in store for parents? Obviously, it is the greater availability of free time that kids are most likely to spend online. While during the school year, it used to be mostly education-related pastime and search of valuable materials for essays and homework, now your kid does not need that anymore! What will he or she do online instead? That’s what you should think about in advance. While you are at work, your children may get into serious trouble with doubtable online resources and new acquaintances – but we have some advice to prevent this from happening!

Summer Web Security Tips

  1. Taking into account the time your child spends online and without your supervision, it is better to establish some rules to follow. Discipline is key, so make sure your child uses Web resources for the estimated duration and spends the rest of the free day reading books, socializing with friends, or visiting some hobby and sports courses.
  2. Install the screen control software on the gadgets your kid uses; it might be a very helpful control tool against viruses, visits to sites with sexual, violent, or aggressive content, etc.
  3. Try to spend more time together with your child online. By watching adults use the Web, children learn much better by an example.

As you can see, making online use safe is not that hard; the main thing is to be involved with the child’s activities, to encourage open communication on all Web-related issues or concerns, but at the same time to keep to strict discipline and rules regarding the duration of online stay and the range of allowed resources.


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