Geofencing technology and how it can be used by parents

geofencing tracker

Even though geofencing technology is not as widely used as GPS navigation, it is still of great benefit, especially to parents of teens and tweens. The fact is that using ground stations, satellites, Wi-Fi networks, and other radio-frequency identifiers, this technology allows setting virtual barriers and notifies when the target device enters or exits the defined geographical areas. It’s no wonder that this feature is now offered by the best parental control apps to provide more protection for kids.

Geofencing technology in parental control apps

Modern parental control apps are not limited to only checking the kid’s route history or providing his or her current whereabouts on a convenient map. The best of them include a geofencing feature, which significantly expands their capabilities. Thus, a mobile geofencing tracker allows parents to:

  • set imaginary boundaries of forbidden or, on the contrary, allowed zones;
  • track how often and when exactly each of them is visited;
  • monitor the history of the kid’s movements on a detailed map;
  • receive alerts each time the predetermined area is entered or left.

As you can see, a geofencing tracker can be highly useful for parents of teens and tweens. With such a technology combined with a regular GPS location feature, you will always know where your kids are at any given moment, what places they visit in real time, and how often they leave the allowed area. Thereby, if you are choosing a parental control app to protect your child from any possible online and offline dangers, opt for software with a geofencing feature. It will not only prevent your kid from getting into trouble, but also will make your own life much less stressful and more enjoyable.


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