What is Internet filtering software?

The Internet filtering software is a special program intended to restrict the information delivered over the Internet that greatly reduces the flow of harmful and useless content onto the child’s mobile device or computer. In other words, a robust filter helps parents protect their kids from a variety of online dangers, including but not limited to pornography, violence, gaming, predators, racism, and hate. It usually includes a website blocker that can block access to web pages, forums, and chats, as well as certain content filtering features that may vary depending on the chosen software.

For today, there are numerous Internet filtering solutions to choose from. Most of them represent a standard filter intended to add more security to your kid’s online time while others are more sophisticated and allow not only to block age-inappropriate and time wasting sites but also to receive alerts on the dangerous keywords or phrases each time the child types them in a text message, website address, instant messenger, email, or elsewhere. Anyway, no matter what website blocker or content filtering features you choose, all of them are designed to help you prevent your kids from being exposed to the harmful information, ideas, and behavior existing on the Net.

#1 mSpy

mspy logo mSpy allows parents to monitor web history, view address logs, and block websites with harmful content. Moreover, it gives immediate alerts on the specified keywords, like pregnant or porn.

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#2 Qustodio

qustodio logoQustodio gives a possibility to restrict broad categories of age-inappropriate content, including pornography, even in private browsing mode. Unfortunately, in most cases, it has little real effect.

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#3 Net Nanny

netnanny logoNet Nanny provides excellent pre-set website monitoring and filtering features that can be specified for each member of the family. However, it may somewhat slow the target device.

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# 4 Salfeld

Salfeld logoSalfeld allows parents to create detailed filter settings and to block websites oriented toward sex or violence. The problem is that this software is not compatible with Android and iOS devices.

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Why parents should use content filtering programs

As it has been already written above, any Internet filtering software is initially intended to control and monitor a child’s online activity. Luckily, due to a variety of available solutions, parents have an opportunity to choose the filter that meets all their expectations and needs to the fullest. However, before making a purchase, think of the reasons for your decision to install a website blocker, as this can greatly facilitate your choice. Here are some of the most common reasons to use content filtering apps:

  • They protect from inappropriate content

    A reliable filter can weed out objectionable and potentially dangerous content, such as porn, drugs, violence, inappropriate ads, spam, and others.

  • They protect from malware

    Internet filtering software can prevent a kid from visiting malware-ridden websites.

  • They protect from offensive words

    A good filter is able to mask profanity in online text instead of blocking the whole web page or site.

  • They protect from the Internet addiction

    The smart software can also apply restrictions on the use of online games and social networking websites, thus protecting underage children from the possible Internet addiction.

  • They save resources

    A website blocker may extend battery life and reduce data usage, as well as save space and memory on the target device or computer.

What is the best web filtering software?

Certainly, each filter has its own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, once you know exactly why you want to install one, we suggest that you read our expert reviews to find the perfect content filtering software for your family needs. The fact is that functionality is not the only requirement for the best web blocker. You should also consider compatibility and customer support. The quality of the last one is especially important when it comes to any type of tracking applications. Therefore, before making a purchase, ensure that the chosen filter is supported by 24/7 customer and tech assistance. This will greatly help you in future!


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