Protect your children with Facebook monitoring app!

facebook monitoring app

Why do you need a Facebook monitoring app? As a caring parent, you should clearly understand how many dangers are lurking in the online world. This is especially true when it comes to social networking sites and instant messaging apps, in particular, Facebook Messenger. That is why to track Facebook messages is so important for your kid’s protection. However, Facebook tracking is impossible without reliable monitoring software, which leads to the next question, “What is the best Facebook Messenger tracking app today?” Among a variety of tracking options existing in the current market, there is only one monitoring app able to protect teens and tweens from possible online dangers. Undoubtedly, mSpy is the best solution to all your problems related to the kid’s safety!

Facebook tracking is now easier than ever before!

Whatever your reason to track Facebook messages of your child, be sure, mSpy will provide you with all the required information you need! Whether it comes to cyber bullying, sexting, online predators, and other dangers that can happen on Facebook Messenger, it is the only right tracking app for caring parents striving to protect their kids online. For example, it allows:

  • monitoring all Facebook conversations and text messages;
  • monitoring all multimedia files shared via this messenger;
  • monitoring Facebook activity and time spent on it.

Facebook Messenger tracking options

facebook messageThe Facebook Messenger tracking app is compatible with both, Android and iOS devices, which makes it the all-in-one tracking solution for every parent.

  • Android options

    You can install this tracking app on any popular device running Android 4+. The only thing to consider is that it should be rooted and connected to the Internet.

  • iOS options

    Many mSpy monitoring features work perfectly on absolutely any version of non-jailbroken iDevices. However, if you want to track Facebook Messenger, the target device should be jailbroken and running iOS 6 – 8.4; 9 – 9.1. Needless to say, that it should also be connected to the Internet.

Obviously, when it comes to tracking Android and jailbroken iOS devices, you need physical access to target phone or tablet in order to install the monitoring app on it. In case of a non-jailbroken iDevice, physical access is not required. All you need is just its iCloud credentials.

How to track Facebook messages for free?

Along with all its unique Facebook Messenger tracking capabilities, mSpy also provides its users with many other monitoring features, including the ability to:facebook messages

  • track incoming and outgoing calls;
  • view text messages and MMS;
  • read emails and notes;
  • monitor web history and bookmarks;
  • view installed applications and programs;
  • track GPS location;
  • read other instant messages sent via Skype, Viber, Snapchat, iMessage, WhatsApp, or another messenger.

Moreover, you can try all these tracking features absolutely for free! The fact is that this monitoring app has a risk-free 7-day trial version you can download right now! Check this powerful tracking software for yourself, and you will understand why it is so popular among parents of underage children!


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