Salfeld review

salfeld boxSalfeld is one of the latest tools for monitoring child’s activity on the computer. This decent parental control software has a very friendly interface and comes at an attractive price but, unfortunately, with limited functions. Moreover, it doesn’t provide its users with the ability to monitor cell phones. However, if you don’t need to track your kid’s social networking activity, calls, text messages, or GPS location – Salfeld can be a good option for you.


In today’s world of the Internet and technology, the problem of managing “screen time” can become a headache for many parents. After all, no one wants their child to spend all day playing computer games or searching the Web. This is where Salfeld can help. With its capability to set time limits and block inappropriate websites, this parental control software is definitely worthy of your attention.

  • Time controls
    Salfeld gives parents the ability to set separate limits for the Internet and computer use time. Moreover, you can specify time limits to the minute and, what’s more, for different days of the week.
  • Internet experience
    The software allows parents to establish what is permissible on the Internet and what is forbidden (for example, websites containing pornography or violence).
  • Website blocking
    Salfeld provides the opportunity to block individual websites and pages or apply certain time restrictions to them, thus preventing children from too much gaming or chatting.
  • Program limits
    This parental control software gives the ability to define time limits for individual programs or even completely block them if necessary.
  • Usage logs
    Salfeld can also provide parents with various usage logs, including most called programs and websites, what applications have been started, or what warnings have been displayed.
  • System security
    This feature allows users to block access to the main operating system services, such as the Registry or the Control Panel.

As you can see, the set of parental control features is quite limited as compared to mSpy and other tracking software. Moreover, Salfeld can be installed only on your child’s computer and doesn’t give an opportunity to monitor cell phones. Besides, this program has no default blocked site list so that parents should create it manually.

Additional features

It is worth noting that being limited in functionality, Salfeld uses much less computer resources than most other parental controls. As a result, it always runs smoothly and efficiently. No wonder, this program is considered one of the fastest. Furthermore, it has some other important features, including:

  • Comprehensive reports on computer activity online or via E-mail;
  • Screenshots of what your kid is doing on the PC;
  • Opportunity for children to earn Bonus Time for using educational websites or programs;
  • Free software updates for 24 months.


Salfeld can run on both, older PC’s and current Windows platforms, including Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000. Moreover, it also supports 64bit OS.


Salfeld parental control software offers the following packages (no subscription is required):

  • Single license (for one PC) – €29.95;
  • Multiple 3PCs (for max. 3 PCs) – €49.95;
  • Multiple 5PCs (for max. 5 PCs) – €59.95.


Salfeld allows parents to easily regulate how many hours a day their kid can spend on the Internet or computer. In other words, it is the ideal parental control software when it comes to setting time limits of any kind. Moreover, it can regulate the child’s online activity through a whitelist or either keywords and block inappropriate websites if necessary. However, if you need more online protection for your kid or want to track their mobile devices, then Salfeld is not an option. However, thanks to its affordable price, you still can use it on your family PC as an additional protection for underage children.


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