How to Teach Your Child Safe Web Use?

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Technology use is commonplace and unavoidable nowadays, even for small children. While many modern adults might have been growing up without online gadgets and devices, today’s children are different. They learn to use gadgets early and use them more. In fact, they even have something to offer to their parents in terms of tech-savviness, but what they cannot learn on their own is online safety. The online world is full of hazards. Pedophiles, criminals, predators, and many other types of evil people with evil intentions are hunting for vulnerable and unaware children. The outcomes are viruses, cyber-bullying, and harassment. How not to make that happen and educate a child about online conduct?

Ways of Giving a Child Online Safety Education

  1. The first major rule is not to prevent your child’s use of technology – that won’t work! There are so many gadgets, free Wi Fi access in public places and devices at school and in friends’ houses. Your child will still be using technology elsewhere. So, isn’t it better to let him or her do it safely and correctly at home?
  2. Teach the child not to share personal information without anyone online. Such details as the person’s name, home address, phone number, and passwords to accounts should be kept secret.
  3. Your child will avoid many troubles online if he or she uses them in public places at home, that is, not in the private bedroom. Knowing that an adult may be standing behind your shoulder at every given moment serves as a strong disciplining factor preventing kids from trying new links and viewing doubtable content.

Even under the condition of using all these tips, don’t forget to establish an open and trusting atmosphere in the family – it is much easier to detect and eliminate a threat if your child is open and sharing with you.


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