Things Every Parent Should Know: Tips on How to Block Apps on Android Phone

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The Google store is abundant with apps of various sorts and kinds, free and paid, for all purposes and interests, and every user of an Android phone can find something engaging there. Did not like the way the app works? No problem – you can simply delete it! But what to do if you do not clear up regularly and meticulously in your phone? Unused apps accumulate and harass you with constant reminders, sales, and announcements of no interest to you. Stop that mess in your phone, find out how to block apps on Android phone from this article, it offers some simple tips and lifehacks for easy block of apps on Android and overall block of apps on phones.

How to Block Apps on Android Phone

Many users are perplexed by the question of how to block apps on Android phone; we have the answer – go to “settings” and find the list of applications in your “applications” section. There, you can uncheck the box with the “show notifications” option, which will free you from the pop-up notifications. If you use more sophisticated blockers such as mSpy phone blocker, you will find advanced options such as selection of domain filters, activation of the VPN service, and dealing with the Application Manager on your phone without any hardship. But keep in mind that disabling and blocking built-in apps may cause operational problems and slow down the work of your phone, so think twice before blocking such kinds of apps.

Situations in Which You May Need to Block Apps on Phone

You may wonder why this function is generally needed? Why to block apps on phone? Why not simply remove them from the phone? The situation is not that easy, and blocking is sometimes much more appropriate than deletion. Check out the following scenarios:

  1. Block apps on Android to get rid of commercial notifications and ads.
    Let’s imagine the situation that you really like some application and use it regularly, though not every day. You like that it is free, and the interface is quite satisfying, but the problem is in constant ads popping up in the menu! Sure, a good app cannot be totally free, that’s the trick – you have to watch those ads to use it. Nevertheless, to save your nerves and time in the periods when you do not use the app, establish a block on that app and relax!
  2. Block apps on Android when driving.
    Another serious situation in which you may need to block apps is the long journey during which you are using a GPS navigator on your phone. Imagine how frustrating it is not to watch the road but to close the pop-up notifications instead? It is not only frustrating – it is DANGEROUS. So find out how to block apps on Android phone if you have one, and install that block for the period of the trip not to get into trouble on the road.
  3. Involve blocking of certain apps as parental control of the device.
    Deleting certain apps will not help – your kids are likely to re-install them tomorrow. A solution is – blocking apps on the phone to disable or limit access. Make sure your child is safe and does not use hazardous apps and content!

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