What parents need to know about Snapchat

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It is not a secret that while parents choose Facebook for daily interactions, most underage children give preference to some newer forms of mass communication, in particular, Snapchat. So what should you know about it, and why do parents start tracking their child’s phone once this free iOS and Android application is installed? Let’s find this out!

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Snapchat is one of the most popular social networking apps that allows its users to share media content. The most interesting thing is that any snap (photo or video message) can be viewed only once, as in less than 10 seconds it automatically self-destructs. However, even though this social network was initially created to provide users with more privacy, it is still not as safe as we would like it to be. This is exactly why caring parents are in constant search for reliable tracking software that can help them protect their kids online. So what should you know about Snapchat?

5 things parents need to know about Snapchat:

  1. As it has been already written above, all snaps self-destruct in just a few moments. However, let’s not forget about screenshots! As you know, 10 seconds is more than enough to take a picture of the screen. This simply means that any photo or image, even if it has been deleted, can still be saved by another person and then used for cyber bullying.
  2. Except for cyber bullying, this application is also often used for so-called “sexting” – sending sexually suggestive or naked photos to someone else. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon among teens who think that their private pictures are automatically deleted. Once again, screenshots can provide a possibility for such messages to be spread over the Internet. This is actually the main reason why parents start using tracking software once Snapchat is installed on their kid’s phone.
  3. In general, every sent or captured snap, as well as any other message posted on the Net, is considered public, and every kid should be aware of this. Pictures, photos, and videos don’t disappear to nowhere. Once they are online, they can never fully be deleted.
  4. Do you know that when teens register for this app, they verify that they are at least 13 years of age and have parental permission to use it? Moreover, do you know that they also give Snapchap a royalty-free license to display, distribute, publish, modify, and reproduce any content they send? If not, it’s better to read the app’s “Terms of Use” and discuss them with your kids.
  5. Finally, this app also has access to the user’s address book. This means that all contact information on your family can be uploaded to the Snapchat services. So when your children use this application for sharing photos and videos with friends, they also share private information on people from their address book without even knowing that.

In this way, it is not surprising that parents are looking for smart tracking software able to control the flow of snaps on their kid’s device. In order to facilitate your task, we can name the best one existing today – it’s mSpy! It is actually the only tracking app that can give you an opportunity to view all your kid’s snaps at any time. By the way, it is also another proof of the mentioned above fact that even deleted messages don’t disappear to nowhere!


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